Now and Forever

Now and Forever

Adrian Carr (1983)

15 Certificate


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Based on the Danielle Steel book, this routine "trauma of the week" movie stars Cheryl Ladd as a chic boutique owner who returns from a clothes-buying trip abroad to find her philandering hubby has been had up on rape charges. Not surprisingly, the accusation puts strain on their marriage. But did he actually do the dirty? Decent performances make this ideal for fans of Mills & Boon-type melodramas.


A couple's seemingly perfect marriage is destroyed when the husband is accused of rape by another woman. Drama based on the novel by Danielle Steele, starring Cheryl Ladd and Robert Coleby, with Christine Amor.

Cast & Crew

Jessie Clarke Cheryl Ladd
Ian Clarke Robert Coleby
Astrid Bonner Carmen Duncan
Margaret Burton Christine Amor
Bethanie Aileen Britton
Andrew Wundham Alex Scott
Matilda Spencer Kris McQuade
Martin Harrington John Allen
Director Adrian Carr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video