Arthur Crabtree (1946)

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Set in Spain in the 1840s, Arthur Crabtree's film is overdressed, overheated and deliriously silly. Following hard on the heels of The Wicked Lady, this period melodrama from Gainsborough Studios was a huge hit in 1946, with Stewart Granger's derring-do just the thing to take cinema audiences' minds off postwar rationing. Granger plays an impoverished writer who dallies with Jean Kent's gypsy dancer, but his heart is really set on Anne Crawford's lady of the manor. Dennis Price oozes caddishness from every pore as Granger's deadly rival, while Robert Helpmann grovels at his feet and plots murder.


A writer is beaten and left suffering from amnesia by his rival in love, but is nursed back to health by a sultry gypsy girl. Melodrama, starring Stewart Granger, Jean Kent and Anne Crawford.

Cast & Crew

Actor Stewart Granger
Actor Jean Kent
Actor Anne Crawford
Director Arthur Crabtree

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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Fox Film Company LtdAvailable on: DVD