A Place to Go

A Place to Go

Basil Dearden (1963)

12 Certificate
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Sometimes not even a gifted director can save a film from disintegrating. Basil Dearden had worked so often with Michael Relph (here the producer and co-scriptwriter) that it's tempting to suggest Dearden made this lacklustre crime drama so as not to hurt Relph's feelings. Michael Sarne goes all mean and moody to unfortunately comic effect playing a young Londoner who tries to escape the poverty trap by taking part in an ill-conceived factory heist. Rita Tushingham and Bernard Lee do what they can with a dodgy script, while Dearden captures something of the flavour of the East End, but a simmering, realist classic this is not.


A man turns to crime to relieve his boredom in a depressed suburb of London, but ends up falling for a local girl. Drama, starring Mike Sarne, Rita Tushingham, Doris Hare and John Slater.

Cast & Crew

Actor Rita Tushingham
Actor Mike Sarne
Actor Doris Hare
Actor John Slater
Director Basil Dearden

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Excalibur Films LtdGuidance: violenceAvailable on: DVD