Killer Calibre 32

Killer Calibre 32

Al Bradley (1967)

PG Certificate


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A spaghetti western that owes more to Saturday matinée series like The Cisco Kid than to the grand designs of Sergio Leone. Peter Lee Lawrence stars as a dandified bounty hunter hired to uncover the true identities of the seven masked men who have been repeatedly robbing the Carson City stagecoach. It won't take a Wyatt Earp to work out who is the mastermind behind the gang, but at least director Alfonso Brescia has the sense to realise that this has to be played tongue in cheek, and keeps the action moving at a fair lick.


When a series of stagecoach robberies take place in quick succession, a professional killer is hired to investigate the problem. Western, starring Peter Lee Lawrence, Agnes Spaak and Lucy Scay.

Cast & Crew

Silver Peter Lee Lawrence
Betty Agnes Spaak
Janet Lucy Scay
Director Al Bradley

Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColour