Movie Movie

Movie Movie

Stanley Donen (1978)

PG Certificate


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Stanley Donen's attempt to recapture the spirit of 1930s double-bills is in the form of two B-movies - a boxing melodrama, Dynamite Hands, and a backstage musical, Baxter's Beauties of 1933. Donen even offers a trailer in the middle. It's a smart idea which all film buffs will warm to, even if the execution doesn't quite do justice to the concept. It was one of several movies at the time - such as Nickelodeon and Silent Movie - that cashed in on the perceived nostalgia for old movies, but all that Movie Movie inspired was some bad jokes from critics - "Lousy, Lousy", for instance. It's actually better than that and the musical - as one would expect of Donen - has some delectable moments.


Spoof of the movie double-bills of the 1930s. In Dynamite Fists, a fight promoter comes under pressure from an evil gangster, while in Blansky's Beauties, a Broadway impresario resolves to put on one last spectacular show before he dies. Comedy, starring George C Scott, Trish Van Devere, Eli Wallach and Red Buttons.

Cast & Crew

Actor George C Scott
Actor Eli Wallach
Actor Trish Van Devere
Actor Red Buttons
Actor Barry Bostwick
Director Stanley Donen
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