Richard Bansbach (1977)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The success of Jaws resulted in a host of inferior rip-offs, but at least the majority of them were vaguely aquatic, with Piranha and Alligator leading the pack. However, a few misguided souls thought it might be a good idea to transfer the format on to dry land, and, hot on the heels of the less than distinguished Grizzly came this dismal, low-budget cash-in. As with Grizzly, a giant bear is the culprit, but the twist this time is that it might also be an Alaskan demon. Avoid.


A grizzly bear wounded by hunters goes on a frenzied rampage, killing anyone who gets in its way. Thriller, starring Jason Evers and Leon Ames.

Cast & Crew

Jason Monroe Jason Evers
Ben Jones Leon Ames
Henry Chico Anthony Caruso
Director Richard Bansbach
Director Robert E Pearson

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour