The Harry Hill Movie

The Harry Hill Movie

Steve Bendelack (2013)

PG Certificate


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The big-collared comedian's first cinema outing revolves around a suitably silly tale about his pet hamster having only a week to live, and Harry setting off on a road trip to Blackpool with his petrol-drinking nan (Julie Walters). Pursued by an unhinged vet (Simon Bird) and distracted by the charms of a sea-dwelling siren (Sheridan Smith), Harry begins to suspect his woes are being masterminded by his separated-at-birth evil twin Otto (Matt Lucas). Despite the presence of such dependable comedy support, director Steve Bendelack's film struggles to locate its funny bone, and the handful of inspired, self-contained set pieces are few and far between. Whereas the small screen TV Burp benefited from a fast, economical pace, Hill's brand of absurd lunacy is stretched to breaking point over a feature-length running time.


The quirky comedian is tricked into thinking his hamster has only one week to live, so he and his nan decide to grant the pet's dying wish of a holiday in Blackpool. However, they do not realise they have fallen into a trap set by Harry's evil twin brother. Comedy, starring Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Matt Lucas and Sheridan Smith.

Cast & Crew

Himself Harry Hill
Nan Julie Walters
Otto Matt Lucas
Michelle Sheridan Smith
Conch Julian Barratt
Barney Cull Marc Wootton
Kisko Guillaume Delaunay
Abu Johnny Vegas
Ed Simon Bird
Director Steve Bendelack
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EntertainmentAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 20 Dec 2013