Escape from Polygamy

Escape from Polygamy

Rachel Goldenberg (2013)

12 Certificate


Our Score
A Mormon-like compound in Utah is the setting for this extremely far-fetched yet fun tale of forbidden teen romance and corrupt authority. Entertainingly acted and attractively shot, the Romeo and Juliet-style melodrama captures the warmth and intensity of young love, as adolescents Haley Lu Richardson and boy band-handsome Jack Falahee fall head over heels after she moves to the ultra-restrictive community with her widowed mother. But the gentleness of events ends abruptly when Falahee's sinister, religious leader dad (William Mapother from TV's Lost) declares God wants him to marry a horrified Richardson, and that he'll do anything necessary to make it happen. Teenage girls in particular will enjoy the unsubtle soap opera that follows, with Mapother's chilling turn as the predatory Prophet and some shock twists keeping interest levels high, despite the ever-increasing implausibility of proceedings.


A widowed mother joins a religious cult and goes to live in their remote compound, where her teenage daughter falls in love with the son of the group's leader. When the preacher demands that the girl marry him, the two youngsters plan to escape together. Drama, starring Haley Lu Richardson, Jack Falahee and Mary McCormack.

Cast & Crew

Julina Haley Lu Richardson
Ryder Jack Falahee
Leann Mary McCormack
Ervil William Mapother
Micah Jake Weary
Kayla Riki Lindhome
Alice Kate Fuglei
Bonnielee Perry Mattfeld
Director Rachel Goldenberg
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.