Highlander: Endgame

Highlander: Endgame

Douglas Aarniokoski (2000)

18 Certificate


Our Score
This fourth instalment in the variable series is a mass of chaotic action searching for a plot among the remnants of badly directed pop promos. Christopher Lambert's Connor MacLeod character joins forces with Adrian Paul's Duncan MacLeod from the TV series to fight remorseless killer Bruce Payne for the ultimate immortal prize. Jerkily whizzing between centuries and countries for maximum audience bewilderment, this cobbled together farrago is a complete write-off, with Lambert cruising on auto-pilot, Paul consistently losing his battle with the dumb dialogue and former fashion model/singer Lisa Barbuscia in a permanent state of catwalk catatonia.


Immortal warrior Connor MacLeod retreats to a remote sanctuary after his adopted daughter is killed by a crazed priest who has been seeking revenge on him for centuries. When the cleric destroys the haven, Connor must turn to his kinsman Duncan for help in defeating their enemy. Fantasy sequel, with Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul.

Cast & Crew

Connor MacLeod Christopher Lambert
Duncan MacLeod Adrian Paul
Jacob Kell Bruce Payne
Kate MacLeod/Faith Lisa Barbuscia
Jin Ke Donnie Yen
Joe Dawson Jim Byrnes
Heather MacLeod Beatie Edney
Rachel Ellenstein Sheila Gish
Methos Peter Wingfield
Carlos Damon Dash
Cracker Bob Ian Paul Cassidy
Kirk Douglas Aarniokoski
Road Bandit Adam Copeland
Director Douglas Aarniokoski
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray