Lost Command

Lost Command

Mark Robson (1966)

15 Certificate


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French soldier Anthony Quinn gathers his old unit from the Indo-China war and heads for Algeria, ready to crush the independence movement. But his hopes of recruiting another old buddy, George Segal, are dashed when he discovers that Segal heads up the rebel army. In between all this is Claudia Cardinale, looking gorgeous and changing sides according to which man she shares a scene with. Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet (both of whom were up for the Omar Sharif role in Lawrence of Arabia) guaranteed the movie a huge audience in France, though it's unlikely that American audiences would even know where Algeria was or why Anthony Quinn and George Segal thought it worth the bother of their dodgy French accents.


A French officer suffers a series of humiliating defeats during the First Indochina War, which seemingly bring his military career to an end. He is able to gain a position in Algeria, and seeks to redeem himself by leading his men into battle during the Revolution. Drama based on Jean Larteguy's novel, starring Anthony Quinn, Alain Delon and George Segal.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col Pierre Raspeguy Anthony Quinn
Capt Phillipe Esclavier Alain Delon
Lt Mahidi George Segal
Countess Natalie de Clairefons Michele Morgan
Aicha Claudia Cardinale
Capt Boisfeuras Maurice Ronet
Dr Ali Ben Saad Gregoire Aslan
Gen Melies Jean Servais
Director Mark Robson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: video and DVD