Easy Money III: Life Deluxe

Easy Money III: Life Deluxe

Jens Jonsson (2013)

18 Certificate


Our Score
The first film in this complex, steel-edged Swedish crime trilogy won international appeal for its striking young star, Joel Kinnaman, and led to roles in the US remakes of The Killing TV series and sci-fi blockbuster RoboCop. His Stockholm business studies whizz turned drug dealer, who did time in Easy Money II, is detrimentally sidelined here, still searching for his disappeared sister, while his likeable Chilean partner-in-crime Matias Varela dominates, planning the classic, heart-pounding one-last-heist while rekindling romance with prostitute Madeleine Martin. In a new thread, Martin Wallstrom's fresh-faced undercover cop infiltrates the deadly world of a Serbian kingpin (Dejan Cukic) by acting as minder for the boss's ambitious daughter (Malin Buska). Under the slick, American-styled direction of TV-schooled Jens Jonsson and with some surprising, sun-kissed excursions beyond Scandinavia, it's a suitably tense, bloody, pyrotechnic tying-up of strands, whose emotional relationships are as key as the macho gunplay, swearing and Mafia-style philosophising. Anyone following the whole story will come away shocked and satisfied.


A criminal living in exile returns to Stockholm to finally solve the mystery of his sister's disappearance. Meanwhile, another crook he has previously encountered prepares the biggest robbery of his career - a plan threatened by a woman from his past. Conclusion of the crime thriller trilogy, starring Joel Kinnaman and Matias Varela. In Swedish, Spanish, English, Croatian and Arabic.

Cast & Crew

Johan Westlund Joel Kinnaman
Jorge Matias Varela
Martin Hagerstrom Martin Wallstrom
Nadja Madeleine Martin
Natalie Krajnic Malin Buska
Radovan Dejan Cukic
Stefanovic Cedomir Djordjevic
Dragan Sasa Petrovic
Director Jens Jonsson
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Other Information

Language: Swedish, Spanish, English, Croatian, Arabic+subtitlesColourGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray