The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut

Peter Cornwell (2009)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The "fact-based" story of a family dealing with supernatural forces that target their cancer-suffering teenage son in their new home, could easily have had an Amityville address. It's that predictable. Director Peter Cornwell tweaks the parade of overused scare clichés in this "true" ghostly possession tale, in which evil visions appear to be caused by defiled corpses and twisted seances carried out in what used to be a mortuary. It's just not enough to convey any real dramatic tension in what is essentially a string of cheesy special effects - the blooms of ectoplasm being the exception. Elias Koteas makes the most of his exorcist-for-hire role by piling on the intense gravitas. But way too many lines of dialogue come with unintentional laughs ("Now we know why the rent was so cheap!") and do nothing to help maintain the purely surface-level creepiness.


A family relocates to an old Victorian house to be closer to a clinic where their son is receiving treatment for cancer. When the teenager begins to suffer strange visions and nightmares, he learns the property was once inhabited by a demonic messenger, who returns to unleash terror on the new residents. Horror, starring Kyle Gallner, Virginia Madsen, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew and Martin Donovan.

Cast & Crew

Sara Campbell Virginia Madsen
Matt Campbell Kyle Gallner
Reverend Popescu Elias Koteas
Wendy Amanda Crew
Peter Campbell Martin Donovan
Mary Sophi Knight
Billy Campbell Ty Wood
Jonah Erik Berg
Director Peter Cornwell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EntertainmentGuidance: Violence. Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 27 Mar 2009