Clear History

Clear History

Greg Mottola (2013)

12 Certificate


Our Score
It's a terrible title but try to overlook that. This feature-length comedy is what Larry David has been doing instead of making a ninth series of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's not quite Curb: the Movie but the riffs and rhythms are very similar. David plays Nathan Flomm, a top marketing guy who becomes a national laughing stock when he blows his chance of a fortune. So he starts a new life in Martha's Vineyard, where years later his billionaire former boss (Jon Hamm) shows up in the same neighbourhood with a gorgeous wife (Kate Hudson) and plans to build a mansion. From there, a deliciously stupid revenge tragedy unfolds, with some weepingly funny moments and a nice cameo from Michael Keaton.


A marketing executive gives up his share of the company he is working for, losing out on a fortune when its electric car is a major success. Years later, he is living a quiet life under an assumed name until his multimillionaire ex-business partner moves into his neighbourhood and he decides to get revenge. Comedy, starring Larry David, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Danny McBride and Michael Keaton.

Cast & Crew

Nathan/Rolly Larry David
Rags Bill Hader
McKenzie Philip Baker Hall
Will Haney Jon Hamm
Rhonda Kate Hudson
Joe Stumpo Michael Keaton
Frank Danny McBride
Jennifer Eva Mendes
Wendy Amy Ryan
Jaspar JB Smoove
Director Greg Mottola
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour