Dry Rot

Dry Rot


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Making his debut in 1913, Maurice Elvey was one of the longest-serving of all British directors, claiming to have shot over 300 films (although just over half that total is nearer the mark). This was his penultimate picture and, in keeping with many of the comedies that occupied his twilight years, it's not very good. Adapted by John Chapman from his own hit West End play, this tale of crooked bookies plods along more slowly than a doped horse, but there is the compensation of the polished performances of expert farceurs Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix and Sid James.


Three bookmakers try to earn a fortune by switching a doped racehorse for the favourite. Comedy, starring Brian Rix and Sid James.

Cast & Crew

Actor Brian Rix
Actor Ronald Shiner
Actor Sid James
Actor Michael Shepley
Actor Joan Sims
Actor Peggy Mount
Actor Heather Sears
Producer Maurice Elvey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Independent Film Dist Ltd