Raise the Titanic

Raise the Titanic

Jerry Jameson (1980)

PG Certificate


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This deep-sea exploration adventure was one of Lew Grade's most memorable flops. It cost a fortune, was touted as a major blockbuster and then proceeded to sink faster than the world famous liner on that fateful voyage in 1912. However, despite its poor returns at the box office, this yarn still has plenty to recommend it, not least the rousing score from the great John Barry. Jason Robards and Richard Jordan are among the stars trying to raise the ship, believed to have a store of precious cargo in its hold, while Alec Guinness pops up as a crusty member of the Titanic's original crew. All the usual disaster movie ingredients are here (not surprisingly since the director is Airport '77's Jerry Jameson), and while the movie's special effects may seem dated now, the resurrection of the liner is still something to behold.


During the Cold War, the American government needs a valuable mineral found solely in the Soviet Union to make a new defence system work. They find out a sample of the material was smuggled out of Russia and was being transported on board the Titanic when the ship sank. The only solution for the government is to send a survey team to raise the vessel from the depths. Adventure, starring Jason Robards and Alec Guinness.

Cast & Crew

Admiral James Sandecker Jason Robards
John Bigalow Alec Guinness
Dirk Pitt Richard Jordan
Dana Archibald Anne Archer
Dr Gene Seagram David Selby
Capt Andre Prevlov Bo Brundin
Albert Giordino M Emmet Walsh
Capt Joe Burke JD Cannon
Director Jerry Jameson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some swearing. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray