Two Thousand Women

Two Thousand Women

Frank Launder (1944)

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Frank Launder made some of the best films of his career during the Second World War. While not a patch on Night Train to Munich, The Young Mr Pitt or Millions like Us, this was still an effective piece of propaganda, with an uplifting plot (co-written by Launder and Sidney Gilliat) a celebration of British pluck, a healthy spot of Nazi bashing and a dash of gallows humour. However, while this was just what Churchill ordered in 1944, it weighs a little heavily today. Fortunately, among the two thousand of the title are some of the finest actresses of the time, whose appeal remains undiminished.


Female prisoners struggle to cope with living in a German internment camp, but find common cause in making life difficult for their captors. When three British airmen are shot down over the prison, they keep them hidden from the Germans while plotting a way to smuggle them out safely. Second World War comedy, with Phyllis Calvert, Flora Robson, Patricia Roc and Renee Houston.

Cast & Crew

Freda Thompson Phyllis Calvert
Muriel Manningford Flora Robson
Rosemary Brown Patricia Roc
Maud Wright Renee Houston
Alec Harvey Reginald Purdell
Margaret Long Anne Crawford
Bridie Johnson Jean Kent
Jimmy Moore James McKechnie
Director Frank Launder
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD