Heart of a Child

Heart of a Child

Sandor Stern (1994)

12 Certificate


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It's a simple rule of thumb that, if a TV movie is about a heartbreaking medical crisis, it's based on a true story. The subject of this weepie kept the Canadian tabloids occupied for a couple of months as two mothers-to-be on opposite sides of the country learn that the only way one of their unborn babies can survive is by receiving the heart of the other. As the women facing the agonising decision, Michele Green and TV-movie stalwart Ann Jillian give solid performances, while the versatile Rip Torn does well as the doctor advising them.


The longed-for pregnancies of two women hit complications, and doctors face a race against time to save the unborn children. Fact-based drama, starring Ann Jillian, Michelle Greene, Terry O'Quinn, Bruce Greenwood and Andrew Wheeler.

Cast & Crew

Alice Holc Ann Jillian
Karen Schouten Michelle Greene
Gordon Holcc Terry O'Quinn
Fred Schouten Bruce Greenwood
Dr Leonard Bailey Rip Torn
Dr Cramer Andrew Wheeler
Director Sandor Stern
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD