The Sandwich Man

The Sandwich Man

Robert Hartford-Davis (1966)

U Certificate


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Known to older viewers as the Goon that got away, and to countless 30-somethings as the genius behind Potty Time, Michael Bentine was yet another British comedian who failed to repeat his TV and/or radio success on the big screen. This virtually silent comedy was politely considered "ahead of its time" on its release, but, over 30 years later, this euphemism for "not very good" still, unfortunately, applies. The all-star cast (including Diana Dors, Terry-Thomas and Norman Wisdom) provides ample opportunity for that old favourite game "Spot the Celebrity", but the film's few pleasures come from Bentine's often inspired mime as he wanders the streets of London with his sandwich board.


A man wearing a sandwich board advertising a clothes shop wanders the streets of London, having a series of strange encounters with eccentric characters as he prepares to release his prize pigeon in its greatest ever race. Comedy, starring Michael Bentine, and featuring appearances by Norman Wisdom, Ron Moody, Terry-Thomas, Harry H Corbett and Bernard Cribbins.

Cast & Crew

Horace Quilby Michael Bentine
Boxing vicar Norman Wisdom
Rowing coach Ron Moody
Scoutmaster Terry-Thomas
Mack Harry H Corbett
Harold Bernard Cribbins
Mrs DeVere Dora Bryan
Park gardener Stanley Holloway
Director Robert Hartford-Davis
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: video