Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal

Alexander Korda (1932)

U Certificate


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Creaky comedy based on a premise that was ancient even then: grandmother Kate Cutler is going to curtail bachelor marquis Roland Young's allowance if he doesn't marry one of her chosen wedding candidates, but he falls for his mother's secretary, who believe it or not turns out to be beautiful without her glasses. Unsurprising, since she's lovely Merle Oberon (and incidentally the future wife of the film's director Alexander Korda). Unfortunately, no one in this alleged comedy, except for leading man Young, seems able to act their way out of a paper bag, and the sight of Lady Tree, John Loder and Maurice Evans attempting to convince is totally unappealing. As a period piece, though, this is undeniably fascinating.


An aristocrat is ordered to marry one of two sisters or face losing his inheritance. When he learns that both women are secretly in love with commoners, he offers to help them marry their sweethearts behind their parents' backs. Comedy drama, starring Roland Young and George Grossmith.

Cast & Crew

Reggie Buckley Candysshe Roland Young
Birdie Wroxbury George Grossmith
John Hopkins John Loder
Lady Mary Rose Wroxbury Wendy Barrie
Miss Hutchinson Merle Oberon
Susan Wroxbury Lady Tree
Dowager Marchioness of Buckminster Kate Cutler
George Thompson Maurice Evans
Director Alexander Korda
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video
Drama Comedy