Too Many Crooks

Too Many Crooks

Mario Zampi (1958)

U Certificate


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The cast is a Who's Who of British comedy and the script by Michael Pertwee is based on a devilish premise. Terry-Thomas gives a priceless performance as the wheeler-dealer unconcerned whether he sees abducted wife Brenda de Banzie ever again, and George Cole, Sid James and the gang ooze "cor blimey" criminality. But this picture never really lives up to its billing, largely due to the less-than-inspired direction of Mario Zampi. This is all the more surprising bearing in mind the Italian exile had been responsible for such comedy classics as Laughter in Paradise and The Naked Truth.


Bungling crooks kidnap a millionaire's wife, but he is glad to be rid of her and refuses to pay the ransom - so she gets her own back by helping them steal all his cash instead. Comedy, starring Terry-Thomas, George Cole, Sid James, Brenda De Banzie and Bernard Bresslaw.

Cast & Crew

William Delany 'Billy' Gordon Terry-Thomas
Fingers George Cole
Sid Sid James
Charmaine Vera Day
Lucy Gordon Brenda de Banzie
Snowdrop Bernard Bresslaw
Beryl Delphi Lawrence
Magistrate John Le Mesurier
Director Mario Zampi
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD