The Red House

The Red House

Delmer Daves (1947)

PG Certificate


Our Score
A splendid thriller with grand passions and Freudian undertones, which has grown in reputation. Now often described as noir, it is closer in style to the psychological horror of the 1960s. Edward G Robinson has a meaty role as the tormented, crippled farmer, who warns juveniles Allene Roberts and Lon McCallister (their careers went nowhere) to keep away from the Red House, and hires hunky Rory Calhoun (in one of his first major roles) to make sure they do. There are longueurs during the build-up to the awful truth, but compensation is provided by the beautiful Sierra Nevada locations and Miklos Rozsa's score.


A brother and sister conceal a terrible secret from the teenager they have adopted, concerning a farmhouse deep in a forest. Mystery, starring Edward G Robinson and Lon McCallister.

Cast & Crew

Actor Edward G Robinson
Actor Lon McCallister
Actor Judith Anderson
Actor Rory Calhoun
Actor Allene Roberts
Actor Julie London
Actor Ona Munson
Director Delmer Daves
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. Ltd