A Dash of Love

A Dash of Love

Christie Will (2017)

PG Certificate


Aspiring chef Nikki Turner lands her dream job working as a kitchen assistant at a restaurant run by her idol, Holly Hanson. After a rocky start, she begins to display her culinary flair by teaming up with her kitchen-based mentor Paul Dellucci. However, when Holly begins stealing Nikki's recipes and passing them off as her own, she fires both Nikki and Paul to protect her secret. With their careers in tatters, the pair join forces to create their own pop-up restaurant, and discover their most important ingredient is love. Romantic drama, starring Jen Lilley and Brendan Penny.

Cast & Crew

Nikki Turner Jen Lilley
Brendan Dellucci Brendan Penny
Holly Hanson Peri Gilpin
Angela Kandyse McClure
Trish Dellucci Frances Flanagan
Marty Dellucci Eric Pollins
Jerrod Antonio Cayonne
Henry Seager Ben Wilkinson
Director Christie Will
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