City Rats

City Rats

Steve Kelly (2008)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Director Steve M Kelly's ponderous look at loneliness and despair in the big city is a micro-budget soap opera showcasing good actors wasting their talent - the kitchen-sink unoriginality is even more depressing than the East End locale. There's nothing here that hasn't been seen a thousand times before, as eight lost London souls struggle for an emotional connection in a collection of intermingled tales. The characters are largely stereotypes, including alcoholic ex-con Danny Dyer, suicidal romantic MyAnna Buring, disabled prostitute Susan Lynch and struggling artist Ray Panthaki. The narrative veers from the banal to the borderline pretentious (Tamer Hassan throwing watermelons from the top of a tall Docklands building), via lurid role-playing sex acts, while the few moments of vague moral uplift are both mechanical and obvious. Only the story involving Kenny Doughty trying to get his deaf-mute gay brother James Lance a hot date rings true and avoids being mawkish.


Two strangers meet while contemplating suicide and look for a less drastic solution to their misery. Elsewhere, an artist finds a new muse in the shape of a prostitute, a man comes to terms with his sexuality with the help of his deaf-mute brother and a former drug dealer must face his violent past when an old friend's mother seeks him out. Comedy drama, starring Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer and Ray Panthaki.

Cast & Crew

Jim Tamer Hassan
Pete Danny Dyer
Dean Ray Panthaki
Gina Susan Lynch
Olly Kenny Doughty
Chris James Lance
Sammy MyAnna Buring
Carol Natasha Williams
Director Steve Kelly
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: RevolverAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Comedy