Submarine Seahawk

Submarine Seahawk

Spencer Gordon Bennet (1959)

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Spencer Gordon Bennet was a stuntman who acted in silent movies and became a prolific director of movie serials. Towards the end of his career, he made cheap B features, which to nobody's surprise closely resembled the serial format, with shoddy sets, hackneyed plots and casts of unknowns and has-beens. Equally unsurprisingly, such trashy tales now have a cult following, and this feeble war drama is no exception. Unfortunately, unlike Bennet's genuinely batty Atomic Submarine, which was filmed on the same sets - sorry, set - this has little to recommend it.


The crew of a submarine become angered by their new commander's lack of leadership experience and reluctance to attack nearby Japanese warships. Second World War drama, starring John Bentley, Brett Halsey and Wayne Heffley.

Cast & Crew

Lt Cmdr Paul Turner John Bentley
Lt David Shore Brett Halsey
Cmdr Dean Stoker Wayne Heffley
Director Spencer Gordon Bennet

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Anglo Amalgamated