Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534

Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534

Jon Cassar (2001)

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Sat 26 Aug 11pm - 1am True Movies
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Our Score
In-flight disaster flicks have been wide open to ridicule since Airplane! spoofed the genre. What makes this risible thriller so wince-inducingly irresistible is the way in which director Jon Cassar presents the bankrupted clichés and stereotypes, and seeks to re-invest them with dramatic weight. A dodgy cargo door is the source of the problem, but allowing a pilot with a confidence crisis, a lovesick stewardess, an armed prisoner and a cowardly businessman onto the same plane (during a storm) is asking for trouble. In the lead, Eric Roberts restricts himself to furrowing his brow, while Alexandra Paul manages to keep every hair in place. The result is unintentionally hilarious.


A pilot haunted by a near-miss is forced to overcome his nerves and take over the controls of a damaged plane when the navigator falls unconscious and the plane is hit by a storm during a transatlantic flight. Disaster thriller, starring Eric Roberts, Alexandra Paul, Mark Lutz and Anne Openshaw.

Cast & Crew

First Officer Mike Hogan Eric Roberts
Flight Attendant Katy Phillips Alexandra Paul
Ty Conner Mark Lutz
Flight Attendant Tracey Nichols Anne Openshaw
Capt Jack Brooks Kevin Jubinville
Roger Lee Russell Yuen
Steve Johnson Sergio Di Zio
Cal Matthews Carlo Rota
Director Jon Cassar
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for flashing images. Available on: video and DVD