Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run

Joseph Pevney (1958)

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Long before the run of submarine movies such as Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October (so mercilessly parodied in Down Periscope) there was a similar 1950s vogue, typified by Run Silent, Run Deep, The Enemy Below and this enjoyable MGM drama. The film boasts a tense plot as commander Glenn Ford accidentally blows up a Japanese prison ship with his own family on board. The chase is then on to find the enemy aircraft carrier that used the ship as a shield. This is from the most successful period in Ford's career, between The Blackboard Jungle and the end of his MGM contract, and his nervy, tense performance is mesmerising. Joseph Pevney, who had made the enjoyable war drama Away All Boats two years earlier, must have seemed like an ideal choice of director at the time, but a stronger hand might have helped as the pacing is a shade too slow.


A submarine commander is sent to destroy a Japanese aircraft carrier during the Second World War, but accidentally blows up a ship holding Allied prisoners that the enemy was using as a shield. Learning his wife and daughter were among those killed, he becomes obsessed with destroying the carrier. Adventure, starring Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine and Diane Brewster.

Cast & Crew

Lt Cdr Barney Doyle Glenn Ford
Lt Archer Sloan Ernest Borgnine
Jane Doyle Diane Brewster
Lt Jake `Fuzz' Foley Dean Jones
`Hash' Benson LQ Jones
Admiral Samuel Setton Philip Ober
Cdr Don Adams Richard Carlyle
Director Joseph Pevney
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer