The Triumph

The Triumph

Randa Haines (2006)

12 Certificate


Our Score
In this mediocre TV movie, Matthew Perry plays an idealistic, small-town teacher whose innovative methods and sheer tenacity gradually transform the lives of a class of failing 12 year olds when he moves to New York. Perry impresses as the real-life educational hero Ron Clark, but sadly he's let down by a superficial script and lacklustre execution. Children of a Lesser God director Randa Haines seems to be merely going through the motions, delivering the cliché-riddled events without achieving much impact or realism. Kids acting more like stage-school brats than troubled souls compound the unconvincing air, and dilute the poignancy of their individual back stories. Consequently, it's only the admirable devotion of Perry's huge-hearted character that keeps the film watchable - even contracting pneumonia can't distract him from his goal.


An idealistic teacher gives up his small-town job in favour of a new life in New York, where he takes up the challenge of working in one of the country's toughest schools. Fact-based drama, starring Matthew Perry, with Ernie Hudson and Hannah Hodson.

Cast & Crew

Ron Clark Matthew Perry
Principal Turner Ernie Hudson
Shameika Hannah Hodson
Marissa Vega Melissa De Sousa
Julio Micah Williams
Y'landa CJ Jackman-Zigante
Alita Isabelle Deluce
Tayshawn Brandon Mychal Smith
Director Randa Haines
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD