Jim Charleston (1998)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Watching this in the wake of hits such as Antz and A Bug's Life, it's even harder to keep a straight face through what is already a pretty laughable concept. Eric Lutes and X Files regular Mitch Pileggi are among those trying to stop the march of some nasty South American killer ants who are threatening a small town in Alaska. The direction is plodding, the performances from the anonymous cast are pretty dull, and, unless you have a phobia about ants, it's not remotely scary.


A group of terrified residents trapped in their evacuated town face a desperate struggle for survival as hordes of flesh-eating ants descend on them in search of a quick snack. Action thriller, starring Eric Lutes, Julia Campbell, Mitch Pileggi and Jeremy Foley.

Cast & Crew

Dr Jim Conrad Eric Lutes
Laura Sills Julia Campbell
Sheriff Jeff Croy Mitch Pileggi
Chad Croy Jeremy Foley
Bob Hazzard Dallen Gettling
Dave Blount Bill Osborn
Greywolf Don Shanks
Scott Blount Patrick Fugit
Director Jim Charleston
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and violence.