Columbo: Prescription Murder

Columbo: Prescription Murder

Richard Irving (1968)

PG Certificate


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This superbly scripted thriller marked the small-screen debut of an American TV legend. Peter Falk is now so associated with the role of shambling Los Angeles detective Lt Columbo that it is impossible to believe that anyone else could have played him. However, Thomas Mitchell was Columbo in Richard Levinson and William Link's stage play, and first choice for the TV series was Bing Crosby, who turned it down because it would interfere with his golf. In the event, Falk made the character his own and here the deceptively haphazard way in which he dismantles the master plan of smug, wife-murdering psychiatrist Gene Barry is a delight to watch.


A psychiatrist having an affair with a patient murders his wife with his lover's help. However, while he establishes the perfect alibi he soon finds himself pursued by Columbo, whose meandering investigative approach conceals an uncanny gift for detection. First episode of the detective series, starring Peter Falk and Gene Barry.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Dr Ray Flemming Gene Barry
Joan Hudson Katherine Justice
Burt Gordon William Windom
Carol Flemming Nina Foch
Cynthia Gordon Andrea King
Tommy Anthony James
Miss Petrie Virginia Gregg
Director Richard Irving
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD