Columbo: Mind over Mayhem

Columbo: Mind over Mayhem

Alf Kjellin (1974)

PG Certificate


A scientist is overjoyed when his son follows in his footsteps, receiving widespread acclaim for a revolutionary new theory. When a fellow boffin produces evidence of plagiarism, the ruthless father resorts to murder to save his son from a scandal. But he reckons without the dishevelled detective, who sees through his efforts to make the killing look like the work of burglars. Crime drama, with Peter Falk, Jose Ferrer and Lew Ayres.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Dr Marshall Cahill Jose Ferrer
Dr Howard Nicholson Lew Ayres
Neil Cahill Robert Walker Jnr
Steve Spelberg Lee Montgomery
Margaret Nicholson Jessica Walter
Ross Lou Wagner
Murph Arthur Batanides
Director Alf Kjellin
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