The Final Cut

The Final Cut

Omar Naim (2004)

12 Certificate
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Since One Hour Photo, Robin Williams seems to have gone out of his way to lose his motormouth persona and here he delivers another performance of subtle understatement. In this intriguing futuristic thriller, Williams is a "cutter", whose job is to splice together - and usually airbrush - the memories of the recently deceased into a visual tribute of the dead person's life for friends and family. However, an assignment to work on the life of one of the key executives involved in the controversial memory technology not only attracts the attention of opponents of the process - led by former cutter Jim Caviezel - but reawakens some buried secrets of his own. As good as Williams is, writer/director Omar Naim never really exploits the full potential of what is a fascinating idea and, while it looks good, this eventually runs out of steam.


Sci-fi thriller set in a future where people have microchips implanted in their brains to record their every memory. A man employed to edit the contents of dead people's chips into a `highlights reel' for their family finds a connection between his latest subject and his own troubled past. But a militant group also want the footage for their own reasons. Starring Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino.

Cast & Crew

Alan Hakman Robin Williams
Delila Mira Sorvino
Fletcher James Caviezel
Thelma Mimi Kuzyk
Jennifer Bannister Stephanie Romanov
Hasan Thom Bishops
Isabel Bannister Genevieve Buechner
Michael Brendan Fletcher
Director Omar Naim
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD