Stone of Destiny

Stone of Destiny

Charles Martin Smith (2008)

PG Certificate
Thu 30 Nov 5:15pm - 7pm Sky Cinema Select


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American writer/director Charles Martin Smith here draws on an incident that is part of Scottish Nationalist legend, but creates a film that is more like an Ealing comedy than a stirring drama in the vein of Braveheart. On Christmas Day in 1950, four students broke into Westminster Abbey to remove Scotland's coronation stone and return it to its homeland. And while Mel Gibson overcame huge odds to turn the story of William Wallace into an international hit, Smith (whose acting credits include American Graffiti and The Untouchables) faced an even greater challenge in dramatising this story, as it lacks exciting action scenes or any genuine sense of suspense. Stone of Destiny attempts to rekindle the feisty, subversive spirit of Whisky Galore! and Passport to Pimlico, but lacks their spark and wit. Still, it's a gentle and likeable comedy drama that is not only set in 1950, but could easily have been made back then, too.


Four students in 1950s Glasgow hatch a plan to inspire a little national pride by breaking into Westminster Abbey and stealing the Stone of Scone, an important Scottish historical relic that has been held on English soil since the Middle Ages, and returning it to its own country. Fact-based comedy, starring Charlie Cox, Kate Mara, Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle.

Cast & Crew

Ian Hamilton Charlie Cox
Kay Matheson Kate Mara
Bill Craig Billy Boyd
John MacCormick Robert Carlyle
Alan Stuart Ciaron Kelly
Mrs McQuarry Brenda Fricker
Ian's dad Peter Mullan
Nightwatchman Murphy Ron Donachie
Director Charles Martin Smith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: FilmworksReleased on: 19 Dec 2008
Comedy Drama