The Beast in the Cellar

The Beast in the Cellar

James Kelley (1970)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Two sinister sisters hide a dark secret in their basement in this ponderously talky attempt at a modern HP Lovecraft-style horror tale. With the title revealing all, writer/director James Kelly has nowhere interesting to go and what little atmosphere he initially conjures up is soon dissipated in a tedious, badly constructed and unsuspenseful affair. Quite what induced Beryl Reid and Flora Robson to get involved in such a pointless exercise is a mystery, but they are the only reason for watching this forgettable nonsense.


Two elderly sisters have kept their brother locked in the cellar for 30 years to stop him joining the military. However, when their rural community is plagued by a series of unexplained deaths, they realise he has found a way out, and has been driven murderously insane by the decades of isolation. Horror, starring Flora Robson, Beryl Reid and Tessa Wyatt.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Ballantyne Flora Robson
Ellie Ballantyne Beryl Reid
Joanna Sutherland Tessa Wyatt
Cpl Alan Marlow John Hamill
Supt Paddick TP McKenna
Dr Spencer David Dodimead
Baker Christopher Chittell
Roy Peter Craze
Sgt Young John Kelland
Director James Kelley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence.Available on: DVD