Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure

Alan Simmonds (2001)

PG Certificate


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A computer expert fired by the designer of a prototype automated jet liner takes control of the plane from his bedsit in this daft race-against-time thriller. It reads like a cross between Speed and an episode of Thunderbirds, but it lacks the deadly earnestness that used to carry Gerry Anderson's adventures. Any remaining credibility is shredded by the fact that the disgraced war hero who is the only man who can avert a disaster irresistibly recalls Robert Hays's character in Airplane!. Craig Sheffer gives it a go, but he succeeds only in creating a walking, talking caricature action man.


A businessman is thrilled when his dreams of a fully automated plane come to fruition and he finally embarks on the maiden voyage. But the intervention of a vengeance-hungry former employee throws a spanner in the works, leaving the crew and passengers facing their doom. Disaster movie, starring Craig Sheffer, John Pyper Ferguson and Rachel Hayward.

Cast & Crew

Peter `Bird Dog' Dewmont Craig Sheffer
Gabriel Wingfield John Pyper Ferguson
Reece Robbins Rachel Hayward
Ty Corbett Winston Rekert
Tammy Francoise Yip
Blair Alexandria Mitchell
David Caulfield Jason Low
Mother Jane Sowerby
Director Alan Simmonds
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and a sex scene.