Enzo G Castellari (1976)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Originally despised, then admired for the elegance and poise of the camerawork, the spaghetti western is still one of the most watchable of all genres. This was released after the great days of the 1960s when scores were made but the hero, Keoma Shannon (Franco Nero), still has plenty of the prerequisite man-alone spirit that Clint Eastwood originated. Director Enzo G Castellari attempts to fuse a popular theme - civil rights protests - to the plot as Keoma tries to clean up his town like a liberal activist. But the ruthless action is still the element of the film that works best - that's possibly why the film's alternative title is The Violent Breed.


A tough gunslinger revisits his home town to find it overrun by a criminal gang, which includes his half brothers. He's enraged by their exploitation of the plague-ridden locals - so joins forces with an old ally in an effort to restore law and order. Spaghetti Western with a musical element, starring a singing Franco Nero, Woody Strode, William Bergen and Olga Karlatos.

Cast & Crew

Keoma Franco Nero
George Woody Strode
William Shannon William Bergen
Lisa Olga Karlatos
Caldwell Donald O'Brien
Butch Orso Maria Guerrini
Sam Shannon Joshua Sinclair
The Witch Gabriella Giacobbe
Director Enzo G Castellari
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Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColourTheatrical distributor: Intercontinental Films LtdGuidance: Contains some violence.Available on: video and DVD
Drama Music