Vanished without a Trace

Vanished without a Trace

Doug Barr (1999)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Shelley Long and William R Moses go some way to capturing the trauma and guilt experienced by the parents of a kidnap victim in the initial stages of this earnest TV-movie drama. But once the focus shifts away from the stunned response of their suburban neighbourhood, and Long and detective Nigel Bennett begin searching for the culprit, the action loses its grasp on reality and becomes just another transparent thriller. Indeed, the more blatant the storyline becomes, the less credible Long seems, as she ceases to be a self-lacerating mom and turns into some kind of vengeful vigilante.


A distraught mother swears to exact an appropriate revenge on the thug responsible for kidnapping and killing her teenage daughter. Crime drama, starring Shelley Long, William R Moses and Jennifer Jostyn.

Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Shelley Long
Jack William R Moses
Karen Jennifer Jostyn
Scott Joshua Peace
Davis Nigel Bennett
Cathy Julie Berman
Daniel Daniel Magder
Sarah Kristin Fairlie
Director Doug Barr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some violence and language.