Columbo: Swan Song

Columbo: Swan Song

Nicholas Colasanto (1974)

PG Certificate


A country singer arranges for his wife and his underage lover to both die in a phoney plane crash after his spouse diverts all his money to her religious causes in revenge for his affair. He is confident he remains above suspicion, but Columbo realises something does not add up and sets out to wrest a confession from the musician. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk, Johnny Cash and Ida Lupino.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Tommy Brown Johnny Cash
Edna Brown Ida Lupino
Roland Pangborn John Dehner
JJ Stringer Sorrell Booke
Luke Basket Bill McKinney
Mr Grindell Vito Scotti
Tina Janit Baldwin
Director Nicholas Colasanto
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