The Benchwarmers

The Benchwarmers

Dennis Dugan (2006)

12 Certificate


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This Revenge of the Nerds-style gross-out comedy stars comic actors Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigelow), David Spade and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as childhood victims of bullies who must defeat the current offenders in the neighbourhood - at baseball. To succeed, they enlist the help of billionaire super-nerd Mel (owner of the real Knight Rider car, among other geeky treasures, and played with conviction by Jon Lovitz), who puts up the money for a tournament. Despite uneven direction and some saggy pacing, the snappy dialogue and sensitive performances - except for Spade who has little to do - raise this from the standard base fare, even if one takes into account the preponderance of jokes about flatulence and spit. Winning the day is Schneider, who has rarely been better, fleshing out his former-loser character with palpable humanity.


Three losers who have been pushed around all their lives decide to finally stand up for themselves and rebuild their self-esteem. With the backing of a millionaire, they form their own baseball team and take part in a tournament - in which all the other competitors are children. Sporting comedy, starring Rob Schneider, Jon Heder, David Spade and Jon Lovitz.

Cast & Crew

Gus Rob Schneider
Clark Jon Heder
Richie David Spade
Mel Jon Lovitz
Jerry Craig Kilborn
Liz Molly Sims
Wayne Tim Meadows
Howie Nick Swardson
Director Dennis Dugan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Edited for language.Available on: DVD