Return to Never Land

Return to Never Land

Robin Budd (2002)

U Certificate


Our Score
Disney's recycling of JM Barrie's main themes from their classic animated feature Peter Pan is surprisingly effective here, although the animation is occasionally a little flat and the snatches of new songs are rather unnecessary. Now married with two children of her own, Peter Pan's one-time playmate Wendy Darling has never stopped believing in "The Boy Who Would Never Grow Up" and has regaled her offspring with his exploits. Her daughter Jane has no time for such piffle, what with the realities of the Second World War on their doorstep, but on the eve of her evacuation, she's kidnapped by Captain Hook (who thinks she's Wendy) and taken to Never Land to be used as bait in the capture of his nimble nemesis. Cleverly set during the Blitz - to highlight the need for escapism when real life is full of horror - this is a heartfelt paean to childhood innocence and the power of imagination.


Disney animated sequel to Peter Pan, in which the dastardly Captain Hook kidnaps Wendy's daughter from her London home to lure the eternally young hero back to Never Land and reveal the whereabouts of Hook's missing treasure. Peter flies to the rescue, but his mission looks sure to fail because the girl refuses to believe in magic. With the voices of Harriet Owen, Blayne Weaver and Corey Burton.

Cast & Crew

Jane/Young Wendy Harriet Owen
Peter Pan Blayne Weaver
Capt Hook Corey Burton
Smee Jeff Bennett
Wendy Kath Soucie
Danny Andrew McDonough
Cubby Spencer Breslin
Edward Roger Rees
Director Robin Budd
Director Donovan Cook
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaAvailable on: video and DVD