Walk Softly, Stranger

Walk Softly, Stranger

Robert Stevenson (1949)

PG Certificate


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Filmed before Joseph Cotten and Alida Valli teamed up for The Third Man, but released afterwards, this marked the end of RKO's collaboration with David O Selznick's Vanguard Films. Presumably no one in the front office was too disappointed, as it proved the studio's biggest flop of the year, losing $775,000. The fault lies less with Robert Stevenson's unimaginative direction than with Frank Fenton's melodramatic screenplay, in which Cotten's charming fugitive hides out in a Midwestern backwater where he falls for Valli's disabled heiress, only for his past to catch up with him.


A fugitive from the law hides out in a small American town, where he soon falls for the charms of an embittered woman, prompting him to vow to change his ways. Can he win her heart and escape justice? Drama, starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli and John McIntire.

Cast & Crew

Actor Joseph Cotten
Actor Alida Valli
Actor John McIntire
Director Robert Stevenson

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Language: EnglishBlack and white