Big Fat Liar

Big Fat Liar

Shawn Levy (2002)

PG Certificate
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This children's comedy starts well, but descends rather too readily into mean-spirited slapstick. Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz plays a 14-year-old habitual liar who's understandably disbelieved by his mum and dad when he tells the far-fetched truth for once: that an unscrupulous Hollywood film producer (Paul Giamatti) has filched his latest tall tale, and is turning it into the summer's movie blockbuster. Determined to restore his reputation, Muniz therefore heads for Beverly Hills - cue lights, camera, traction as the pilfering producer gets his comeuppance. It's sad to see a quality actor such as Giamatti (Duets, Storytelling) in such degrading stuff, but at least the kids will enjoy seeing a teenager putting one over on an unscrupulous adult.


A 14-year-old with a reputation for tall tales loses the sole copy of a story he has written for school - only for it to end up in the hands of a Hollywood producer. When the youngster realises it has been made into a blockbuster movie, he goes to Los Angeles with his best friend to claim a fair share of the profits - but when the movie executive refuses to do the right thing, they plan a fitting revenge. Comedy, with Frankie Muniz, Paul Giamatti and Amanda Bynes.

Cast & Crew

Jason Shepherd Frankie Muniz
Kaylee Amanda Bynes
Marty Wolf Paul Giamatti
Monty Kirkham Amanda Detmer
Frank Jackson Donald Faison
Phyllis Caldwell Sandra Oh
Marcus Duncan Russell Hornsby
Harry Shepherd Michael Bryan French
Carol Shepherd Christine Tucci
Director Shawn Levy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UIPAvailable on: video and DVD