Seven Thunders

Seven Thunders

Hugo Fregonese (1957)

PG Certificate


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In this British oddity set in wartime France. James Robertson-Justice plays a French physician, ostensibly helping escaped PoWs including Stephen Boyd, who in reality is mass-poisoning refugees for their money and goods. Sadly, Robertson-Justice is like a whale out of water away from his much-loved Sir Lancelot in the light-hearted Doctor movies. Based on a real-life killer, the character he plays here was more fully realised in the 1990 French film Docteur Petiot, which had Michel Serrault playing the title role to chillingly merciless effect.


Two British soldiers escape from German prison camps and hide out in a fishing village in occupied France. As they wait for the opportunity to return to England, they attract the attention of a doctor who is also a serial killer preying on fugitives from the Nazis. Second World War drama based on Rupert Croft-Cooke's novel, starring Stephen Boyd and James Robertson Justice.

Cast & Crew

Dave Stephen Boyd
Dr Martout James Robertson Justice
Jim Tony Wright
Mme Abou Kathleen Harrison
Lise Anna Gaylor
Emile Blanchard Eugene Deckers
Therese Blanchard Rosalie Crutchley
Mme Parfait Katherine Kath
Director Hugo Fregonese
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: video and DVD