Childhood Sweetheart?

Childhood Sweetheart?

Marcus Cole (1997)

PG Certificate
Thu 1 Feb 3pm - 5pm True Entertainment


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In her never-ending battle to shake off the goody-goody image she gained in Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert plays a potentially dangerous mystery woman in this barnstorming TV movie. Returning 17 years after she inexplicably vanished, she shocks her nearest and dearest with tales of solitary confinement and sexual abuse. But her former beau, Michael Reilly Burke, isn't convinced by her miraculous reappearance, especially when her father, Ronny Cox, dies in suspicious circumstances. Yet another variation on the Return of Martin Guerre theme, this is short on suspense, in spite of Gilbert's valiant attempt to bring some complexity to the humdrum proceedings.


A woman goes missing for 20 years, then suddenly reappears in her home town and claims she has been held prisoner and abused for two decades. While her former schoolfriend and mother are keen to believe her, the police have serious doubts. Drama, starring Melissa Gilbert, Michael Reilly Burke, Barbara Babcock and Ronny Cox.

Cast & Crew

Karen Carlson Melissa Gilbert
Greg Davis Michael Reilly Burke
Sheriff Bowman Ed Lauter
Police Lt James Walker Leon Russom
Rose Carlson Barbara Babcock
Warren Carlson Ronny Cox
Maureen Rutanya Alda
Sandra Stephanie Erb
Director Marcus Cole
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence.