Turbo: a Power Rangers Adventure

Turbo: a Power Rangers Adventure

David Winning (1997)

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Mon 27 Nov 6am - 7:45am Sky Cinema Superheroes
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Tue 28 Nov, 4:35am - 6:30am Sky Cinema Superheroes


Our Score
Viewers who have never seen the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show will be absolutely lost in this second big-screen adaptation. Painfully bad dialogue and technical incompetence rule here as the Power Rangers face a new alien menace, Divatox. She is so powerful, the Rangers must get new weapons (read: more toys to make and sell to kids) and recruit a new and younger ranger (read: greater appeal to the younger viewers). At least the previous movie had some ambition to entertain rather than just be a toy commercial.


Arch-villainess Divatox plots to take over the Earth by corrupting the powers of a kindly old wizard, and only the colour-coded crusaders, joined by old team-mates Jason and Kimberley, stand in her way. Sci-fi adventure, with Jason David Frank and Johnny Yong Bosch.

Cast & Crew

Tommy Jason David Frank
Adam Johnny Yong Bosch
Tanya Nakia Burrise
Kat Catherine Sutherland
Justin Blake Foster
Lerigot Jon Simanton
Divatox Hilary Shepard
Bulk Paul Schrier
Skull Jason Narvy
Director David Winning
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Children's