Pit of Darkness

Pit of Darkness

Lance Comfort (1961)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Another desperate low-budget filler from the Butcher's film company that was made mincemeat of by the critics. William Franklyn had the misfortune to land the lead as a safe-maker who loses his memory and finds himself implicated in a jewel robbery. With assassination attempts coming thicker than clues, the plot plods along to its predictable conclusion at Leonard Sachs's nightclub. These were certainly not "the good old days" of British cinema and, in spite of the best efforts of writer/director Lance Comfort and a talented cast that includes Nanette Newman, Moira Redmond and Anthony Booth, this is, sadly, awful.


A man wakes up on an East London bomb-site and discovers he has been missing for three weeks. With the help of his wife he sets out to retrace his steps and account for the lost time. Mystery, starring William Franklyn, Moira Redmond, Leonard Sachs and Anthony Booth.

Cast & Crew

Actor William Franklyn
Actor Moira Redmond
Actor Leonard Sachs
Actor Anthony Booth
Director Lance Comfort

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Butchers Film Service LtdAvailable on: DVD