Dave Payne (2005)

15 Certificate


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Old-school horror conventions get a creepy contemporary spin in this innovative thrill ride from writer/director Dave Payne. Tipping its hat to such genre classics as Carnival of Souls and Friday the 13th, it focuses on five student travelling companions (among them Hostel's Derek Richardson) who fall victim to a deadly, decaying creature after becoming stranded in a mysteriously deserted motel in the Californian desert. What sounds on paper like one big celluloid cliché, in Payne's hands feels surprisingly fresh. Not only does he make one of his protagonists blind - thereby rationalising some of the narrative's more fantastical elements - but he also combines subgenres in an enjoyably unusual way. Invariably the plot signposts are there if you look closely enough, yet even these are so subtle that they don't spoil the gory surprises. Throw in a first-rate scream queen (Arielle Kebbel), and you've got an atmospheric supernatural slasher that's both smart and fun.


Five teenagers on their way to a party in the desert instead become stranded at an isolated motel where all the inhabitants have disappeared - except for a mysterious stranger searching for his missing wife. Before long, a strange decaying creature turns up and sets out to kill them all. Horror, starring Michael Ironside, Arielle Kebbel and Marcia Strassman.

Cast & Crew

Henry Michael Ironside
Rose Marcia Strassman
Cookie Arielle Kebbel
Jack Devon Gummersall
Nelson Derek Richardson
Gretchen Tina Illman
Trip Scott Whyte
Radford Eric Mabius
Director Dave Payne
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: PathéAvailable on: DVD