The Killings at Outpost Zeta

The Killings at Outpost Zeta

Bob Emenegger (1980)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Cheap science fiction gets scraped from the bottom of a very deep barrel in this unwatchable feature. Inhabitants of the planet Zeta are being found dead in the tinsel-and-plastic universe of 2002. Astronauts Gordon Devol and Jacquelyn Ray discover the murders are caused by a blood-drinking rock creature. Even TV's Lost in Space didn't look this bad or showcase such lousy acting and not-so-special effects.


A team of space explorers investigates why two previous expeditions to a barren planet disappeared without trace, only to find they were killed by a terrifying alien. Sci-fi horror, starring Gordon Devol and Jackie Ray.

Cast & Crew

Actor Gordon Devol
Actor Jackie Ray
Director Bob Emenegger
Director Allan Sandler

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour