Car Trouble

Car Trouble

David Green (1985)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Watching this lame enterprise, it's no wonder British film comedy was an endangered species in the mid-1980s. This tale of an adulterous wife who steals her husband's beloved Jaguar and proceeds to get stuck, literally, in flagrante with an obsequious car dealer would barely have provided enough sniggers for a sitcom. But director David Green strings it out to an excruciating 90 minutes that tax even Julie Walters's comic ingenuity. At least she gets some vulgarity to work with; poor Ian Charleson has to resort to comic fuming to put flesh on the bones of his cuckold caricature.


A sexually unsatisfied woman realises her husband's beloved new car means more to him than her. She has a fling with a salesman that accidentally results in the destruction of the precious vehicle, and consumed by rage, the husband plans a murderous revenge. Comedy, starring Julie Walters, Ian Charleson and Stratford Johns.

Cast & Crew

Jacqueline Spong Julie Walters
Gerald Spong Ian Charleson
Reg Sampson Stratford Johns
Kevin Vincenzo Ricotta
Bill Dave Hill
Maureen Hazel O'Connor
Frederick Anthony O'Donnell
Judy Monk Vanessa Knox-Mawer
Director David Green
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Thorn-EMI Screen EntertainmentAvailable on: video and DVD