Lady Luck

Lady Luck

Edwin L Marin



A young woman with a long-standing aversion to gambling marries an inveterate gambler on the condition that he reforms. But when she catches him at the gaming tables and threatens divorce, his friends come up with a plan to keep them together. However, no-one is prepared for the hilarious outcome of the scheme as it gets increasingly out of hand, and the lady herself becomes badly bitten by the gambling craze.

Cast & Crew

Larry Scott Robert Young
Mary Audrey Barbara Hale
William Audrey Frank Morgan
Sacremento Sam James Gleason
Dan Morgan Douglas Morrow
Eddie Don Rice
Judge Martin Harry Davenport
Little Joe Lloyd Corrigan
Little Guy Teddy Hart
Happy Johnson Joseph Vitale
Director Edwin L Marin
Producer Warren Duff
Scriptwriter Lynn Root
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