Beneath Loch Ness

Beneath Loch Ness

Chuck Comisky (2001)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The Loch Ness Monster legend gets a farcically absurd overhaul in a rock-bottom monstrosity that tries by each pitiful turn to ally itself to Jaws, Jurassic Park and Moby Dick with the expected monumental failure rate. Scientist Patrick Bergin is called in to investigate new sightings of Nessie and deals with the usual dire warnings from the locals (sporting the fakest Scottish accents in movie history) and his ex-wife (Lysette Anthony, playing a character named Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borden!) before taking on the nemesis with a harpoon dressed in war-painted Braveheart drag. It sounds hilarious, but it's tedious juvenile tosh with the one pathetic special effect of the swimming monster repeated ad nauseam.


A research team travels to Scotland to investigate new evidence of the existence of a monster - and get more than they bargained for when the corpse of a vast sea creature washes up. However, it soon emerges the beast was killed by an even larger monster that is still out there - and a vengeance-crazed hermit is determined to kill it. Thriller, starring Patrick Bergin and Lysette Anthony.

Cast & Crew

Blay Patrick Bergin
Elizabeth Lysette Anthony
Julie Lysa Apostle
Jake David Andriole
Ron Chris Taaffe
Constable Vernon Wells
Andrea Adria Dawn
Gus Egan Dick Stillwell
Director Chuck Comisky
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD